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CityScene Media Group offers Arts & Entertainment, Restaurant & Dining, Musical, Visual and Performing Arts organizations, Health Care, and more a great opportunity to increase exposure to both new clients and central Ohio organizations alike.

Work with one of our advertising experts to develop a comprehensive marketing campaign, complete with both digital and print opportunities.

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CityScene Magazine 

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CityScene Magazine is THE central Ohio publication for Arts & Entertainment. But it's also so much more; enjoy a Health, Cuisine, Travel and Luxury Living sections, perfect for a diverse set of advertisers. CityScene Magazine is the guide for arts, entertainment and more in Columbus. 

Six Community Magazines

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CityScene Media Group publishes six community magazines tailored to different areas of Columbus. Working directly with the City, each community magazine is the Official Publication of its City. Some magazines reaching more than 22,000 homeowners, each publication features a unique voice perfectly tailored to its area; city updates, upcoming events, local profiles and more. 

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A Unique Digital Package for Your Distinct Brand

WeekendSceneSample features a unique monthly audience of more than 30,000 viewed by individuals in and beyond the central Ohio area. The main site features content from CityScene Magazine, daily original editorial and articles from our weekly newsletter, WeekendScene. Each community magazine also features a webpage perfectly tailored to its area. Not only will more people see your brand, but more of the right people will hear your message

Our Team of experts can design a digital package, complete with the following:

  • Homepage Sponsorships 
  • CityScene Magazine Subsection Sponsorships
  • Community Section Sponsorships
  • Videos 
  • Contests 
  • WeekendScene Advertisements 
  • Digital Edition Sponsorship
  • Web Exclusives 

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"Shadowbox Live has been thrilled to partner with CityScene Media Group! We call them our "official media sponsor" and we couldn't be happier with the relationship. The staff is wonderful to work with and we have been happy to be the host venue for a couple of their launch parties thus introducing their clients to our business and allowing us to build business relationships in the community." - Julie Klein, Marketing Director at Shadowbox Live 

"CityScene advertising works for us! Prospects came in after only one issue and confirmed they found us through reading CityScene Magazine." - Tracy Brannon, Executive Director at Polaris Retirement Community

"CityScene Magazine and Dublin Life Magazine are critical to our media strategy, in print and through online banner ads. Advertising with CityScene Media Group helps drive traffic to our establishment and draws audiences to attend our performances, programs and initiatives. ... These are invaluable publications for Dublin Arts Council, allowing us to stand out in our community and beyond." - David S. Guion, Executive Director at Dublin Arts Council

"The kind of publicity you brought to me was totally unexpected and huge. I did very well at the Columbus Arts Festival. So many people said, "I saw you on the magazine, CityScene! Beautiful article; I came here just to see your work!" Darn it, now I have to behave myself in public, especially when I'm driving. Oh well, it was worth it. I also want to thank the wonderful photographers." - Cheong-ah Hwang, on the cover of the June 2019 issue of CityScene Magazine

Bringing Results through Targeted Marketing

Whether you're a B2C brand or a B2B agency, we have advertising opportunities to fit your plan. Through strategic ad placement, your message will be heard and brand will be seen by your core demographic. The primary objective of CityScene Media Group’s marketing department is to drive valuable traffic to your website or service line, while providing a visually appealing and engaging experience for readers of the magazine. Combined, all of these elements have proven to turn passive readers into engaged consumers.

CityScene Media Group is an arts & entertainment media outlet in Columbus, Ohio. For more information, click here.

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