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The 2019 Creekside Blues & Jazz Festival is almost here (June 14-16). Learn what's in stock for this year. Read more

The Scene


Joe Maiorana

In its 58th year, the Columbus Arts Festival is getting a reality check. Learn about the multiple virtual reality booths set for the upcoming festival. Read more

Arts + Entertainment

Learn about the urinary system – infections, kidney facts, the importance of water, advancements and more – from a local expert. Read more

Expert Insight

As Bill Goldsmith retires from the Columbus Children's Theatre, Johanna Burton begins her new director position at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Learn their stories. Read more

Local Profiles

Residents can look forward to a full calendar of weekend performing arts and entertainment events. Mark your calendar with these upcoming shows. Read more

On Stage


Chris Casella

The Budd Dairy Food Hall is set to open late 2019 and one of the chef partners is spicing things up with the first-ever hummusiya in Ohio. Read more


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Sure, the benefits of going vegan can be as simple as thinking cows are cute (a valid reason, cows are adorable). But what if there were other, more tangible benefits of going vegan? Learn about some local restaurants that are cooking up vegan dishes Read more


Ketogenic low carbs diet concept. Healthy balanced food with hig

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The keto diet is a low-carb, high-fat and protein diet. But there a lot of pros and cons of this popular diet. Learn the facts, here. Read more


Learn the different types of Latin American food and how it's growing in popularity in the U.S. And get some great tips on grain substitutes. Plus, learn a handful of recipes! Read more



Garrett Martin

Being close to another community – just a 30-mile drive away – is a treat for Columbus art lovers. Learn about the gem of Licking County. Read more

Ohio Adventures

Fast-casual doesn't mean fast-food. Check out these local options. And get a full list of central Ohio farmers markets. Read more



John Nixon John Nixon Photography

See if you and your friends were spotted at the 13th Annual Short North Gala or the CityScene Media Group April/May Launch Party. Read more

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John Nixon Photography

The Tropicalia is refreshing, colorful and has just a hint of avocado. Don't believe us? We have the recipe. Read more


When designers at Dave Fox Design Build Remodelers took on a project, they had no idea what kind of rodeo they were getting into. From longhorns to horses, check out this yee-haw home. Read more


CityScene compiled a few itineraries for those who call Columbus home looking to explore new places and escape routine. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

Did you know that the small town of Mansfield, Ohio was actually a film site for one of the greatest movies of all time? The Shawshank Redemption celebrates 25 years, and this little city has a weekend full of events. Read more

Ohio Adventures

Set for June 7-9, the festival will include upcoming artists from the Emerging Artists program. Meet some of the artists and learn about their artwork. Read more

Local Profiles

Growing up in a small Appalachian Ohio town, the idea of a professional artist was foreign to Alice Carpenter. But after a turn of events, the Columbus local is now a growing artist. Read more

Local Profiles

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Photographer: Michael Smith

CityScene highlights central Ohio gallery openings through June. Read more

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Creekside Blues and Jazz Festival

Photo courtesy of Irvin PR

CityScene spotlights what to watch, what to watch for and what not to miss! Read more

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