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On the track, NAHS graduate Drew Windle represents the nation



For the average person, the idea of changing one’s gene sequence may sound completely unreachable. However, the world of science is always one step ahead. more

Healthy New Albany

According to a recent study by the National Academy of Sciences, it’s not clear whether food allergies are actually on the rise because these allergies are often self-diagnosed and the symptoms can be misinterpreted. more

Healthy New Albany

Playing sports during an off-season: Injuries are reduced, athletes are less likely to suffer from mental burnout, and they also learn how to negotiate new challenges. Read about some fun sports for fall, winter and spring. more

Healthy New Albany

One way to inspire your children about the importance of fitness is by inviting their participation in designing and completing a Fun Family Fitness Challenge. more

Healthy New Albany

Training to become a world-class diver requires a significant time commitment, but it was a lack of time that pushed Noah Duperre toward diving in the first place. more

Healthy New Albany

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