Westerville January 2019

Mark your calendar! Events in Westerville, Ohio in January and February 2019 Read more


News from the City of Westerville: An upcoming memorial for the recent Westerville fallen officers, staff profile on the new Assistant Chief Muchland, learn about the Westerville Firefighters, updates on construction, snow plowing and more. Read more


A death in the family can be an eye-opening experience. For a local woman, she knew her health habits needed to change after her father died. Learn how she kicked it into gear and successfully participated in one of the hardest physical challenges. Read more


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Photos courtesy of Westerville City Schools

Middle school students learn about STEM opportunities in new and inspiring ways. Read more


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Photos courtesy of William Bretthauer and Westerville Caring and Sharing

Many students don’t have the luxury of a hot meal, warm clothes and a comfortable home. One local organization is working to support kids who do not have access to basic necessities like food. Read more



Photos courtesy of Jean Trimble

Walnut Springs Middle School is still breaking in its new library after a few years. Learn how this space is so much more than books, and how library programs and interactive areas can help students in and outside the classroom. Read more


Check out photos from an annual Westerville Area Chamber event and a classic holiday show Read more


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Photos courtesy of Lindzy Annis and Farid Nava

Westerville-based Financial Providence Group got an upgrade and now includes several large-scale fish tanks throughout its office. Plus, the remodel was featured on a TV show. Read more


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Photos courtesy of Jenny Beck Photography

Megan Ada, the owner of this local restaurant, plans on opening another restaurant and the theme is personal. Learn more about her new endeavor, where it will be located and learn the Asterisk Strawberry Jam recipe. Read more


Bookmarks compiled by the Westerville Public Library Read more

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