Brooke Albrecht is redefining diaries. Gone are the written words and long narratives. She’s more interested in intricate drawings and colorful stitch work. Read more

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For those who have visited ROY G BIV Gallery in the last month, the fashionable braids and woven sculptures draped throughout the spaces are mystifying. Learn more about the artists and their original works. Read more

Local Profiles

Blacksmithing might conjure images of medieval swords and armor, that's exactly what inspired this local artist and owner of Macabee Metals. Read more

Local Profiles

Local artist explains her work as the 2019 Columbus Open Studio and Stage event approaches, Sept. 14-15 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Ohio History Connection

Ohio sports history is put on display at Ohio History Connection for all to see in the Buckeye state. Read more

On View

After a severe condition of bacterial meningitis as a child, local artists Samantha Bennett finds that her passion for painting can help inspire others. Read more

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Set for June 7-9, the festival will include upcoming artists from the Emerging Artists program. Meet some of the artists and learn about their artwork. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Megan Leigh Barnard

Lauren Cart best was diagnosed with Type 2 bipolar disorder when she was 22, but instead of letting the condition define her, she used it to create art. Learn about her colorful murals and how she gets inspiration. Read more

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tulips for Lydia (002).jpg

Photos courtesy Tony Mendoza

Born in Havana, Tony Mendoza came to Columbus in 1987. His journey to C-bus wasn't immediate though, from Yale to Harvard and architecture to photos. Learn about his life and how he's now beautifully capturing flowers. Read more

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IMG_3380 (002).jpg

Courtesy of George Leach

George Leach spends time as both a lawyer and a painter and says the two go hand in hand. Read more

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"Tabitha Revisited" by Cody F. Miller

Here All Along: Cut paper and paint. These are the two materials local artist Cody F. Miller uses to create masterpieces Read more

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When Nelly Toll went into hiding in Poland during World War II, her mother managed to supply the cramped room with watercolors to pass the time. Today, some of those childhood paintings are famous and a handful are coming to central Ohio. Read more

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Where many artists choose one medium or style, Gabriel Gaffney Smith likes to try them all. A classically trained ballet dancer residing at BalletMet, Smith’s impressive repertoire of artistic talent also includes some unexpected skills. Read more

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Birds Flying High, You Know How I Feel3.jpg

Photo courtesy of Stephanie Rond

The Ghost in All of Us: If you’re a fan of the Columbus art scene at all, odds are you’re familiar with Stephanie Rond’s work Read more

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'Earth Worm Jim' by Sydney Denlinger

Emerging Inspiration: Spotlighting three of this year's Columbus Arts Festival Emerging Artists Read more

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While art is Melissa Vogley Woods’ first love, activism might be a close second. Read more

On View

Gough_Going South.jpg

Alan Gough, Going South

Generations of Inspiration: For most people, a lifetime of making a living as an artist doesn’t seem like a viable option Read more

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Stephen Takacs

Stephen Takacs, a modern-day photographer with a penchant for the techniques of the past. He’s cultivated a diverse portfolio, despite his preoccupation with antiquated crafts, he envisions a future filled with possibility for himself and his art. Read more

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Yasue Sakaoka

Know When to Fold ‘em: Origami is an art form most commonly associated with Japan, but Yasue Sakaoka, one of central Ohio’s most prominent origami artists, didn’t start working in it professionally until well after she moved to the U.S. Read more

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