Tri-Village September 2015


Photo courtesy of Angie Bammer Holmes Photography

Most people have stood in the kitchens of their friends, relatives or neighbors, but it’s not every day that one gets to explore strangers’ kitchens and learn about unique features, design and functionality. Read more

Luxury Living


Photo courtesy of Wendy Wallut

For most, seeing a stray animal tugs at the heartstrings. Read more


We’re all familiar with iPhones, iPads and iPods, but what about iCoaches? Read more


Compiled by the Upper Arlington Public Library Read more



Photo Courtesy of Zauber Brewing Co.

It’s no secret that America loves Oktoberfest. Whether it’s the abundance of beer, German cooking or just an excuse to celebrate, something makes the holiday a time to look forward to. Read more

Eat + Drink

Most people have never visited all 50 states, much less completed a marathon in all 50. But that’s exactly what Marble Cliff resident and avid runner Jeff Smith has done over the past 11 years. Read more


Elements of audience participation, contemporary theater and more will be represented at this year’s collection of stage performances at Upper Arlington City Schools. Read more



Photo by Wes Kroninger

It is likely if you have lived in, worked in or simply visited the Tri-Village area that Dan and Mary Ludlum have impacted your experience there in a positive way. Read more


Destination Grandview, a convention and visitors bureau, aims to show visitors what to do and see in Grandview and Grandview Yard. Read more


Grandview Heights City Schools has worked with a community volunteer organization to reshape a school program in time for the new academic year. Read more


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