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Katherine Armitage proves there’s always time to volunteer, no matter your age. Read more

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(La)crossing boundaries of student-athlete success. How one student-athlete is setting an example for years to come. Read more

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Philip Winchell

Once Mohini Parvate starts talking about her passion for science, it’s clear she is a special kind of high school student. Read more

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When 17-year-old Bella Roberts was in second grade, her teacher read a book about constellations to the class. She remembers that day well. It was the day that sparked her fascination with space. Read more

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Dublin Scioto High School senior, Mary Grace Hamlin, can’t seem to stop herself from discovering new interests and activities – and excelling in them. Learn more about this remarkable student and her future plans. Read more

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During a time when students are usually making difficult decisions regarding their steps following graduation, Dublin Coffman High School senior Nick Harris is set and ready to go. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Mia Keener

Dublin Jerome High School senior Dan Keener has high aspirations for this year. Everything from applying to the University of Notre Dame to becoming the president of French Club, Keener’s senior schedule in and out of the classroom looks packed. Read more

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With the opening of the new Emerald Campus building, the Dublin Career Exploration Academies program allows students to go more in depth with their education. Learn how a Dublin student is using this amazing resource for her future. Read more

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Cracking the Code: Many high school students consider job interviews and career choices future obstacles Read more

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When Jessica Blake, a senior at Dublin Jerome High School, was placed on the Hall of Fame project through the Young Professionals Academy, she created a new nomination process that rebooted the program. Read more

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After injuring her ACL in July 2016, Dublin Coffman High School senior Abby Steiner bounces back, becomes a track titan and plans on being a college athlete. Read more

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Kyle Swearingen, a junior at Dublin Jerome High School, shares his dreams about acting and goals for college Read more

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Upcoming Dublin Coffman High School senior, Nick Carlson, talks about basketball, school and his future. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Ross Esterline

Born to Lead: Four years later and a recent graduate from Dublin Scioto High School, Esterline feels more confident than ever, which has allowed him to be himself and focus on his big-time dreams. Read more

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Photo by Tony Makris, MakRabbitt Photography

Batons and Biology: Dublin Jerome High School Senior Faith Myers has been stepping up for a cause close to home through volunteer work with the American Cancer Society. Read more

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Photo courtesy of William Hetherington

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dentistry: William Hetherington has founded fundraisers, helped residents of less fortunate areas and worked to develop tooth decay remedies Read more

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