Special Section - Travel 2019

The world of technology has evolved a lot in those five years – and so has the world of cruising. Learn more here and maybe you'll get inspired to book your next vacation out on the water. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

Just because you're traveling to a beautiful destination doesn't mean the hotel has to lackluster. From under the sea to glass igloos, check out these amazing accommodations. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio


Hal Yaeger and Bill FitzGibbons

Whether you’re traveling for work, exploring the world or just trying to get away for a while, it’s always worthwhile to make a stop to see public landmarks and the art each city offers. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

Managing, upkeeping and renting out your dream (second) home can be stressful. Learn some pro tips on how to keep that vacation property in tip-top shape. Read more


Unless you’re a Fortnite expert, well-versed in Lego or understand the lore of Doc McStuffins, it can be difficult to spend quality time with your grandchildren. What's the easiest way to bridge this gap? Amazing vacations. Learn some expert tips! Read more

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