The Eleventh Candle Company is so much more than wonderfully scented candles. Its mission of helping end human traffic is sparking a different in Columbus. Read more

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For the Dalton family, New Year's Eve holds a special space in their hearts. Little Liam, now a face of March of Dimes, beat the odds and is now a strong, healthy boy; but the journey was not easy. Read more

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Local artist explains her work as the 2019 Columbus Open Studio and Stage event approaches, Sept. 14-15 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Read more

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After a severe condition of bacterial meningitis as a child, local artists Samantha Bennett finds that her passion for painting can help inspire others. Read more

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As Bill Goldsmith retires from the Columbus Children's Theatre, Johanna Burton begins her new director position at the Wexner Center for the Arts. Learn their stories. Read more

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Growing up in a small Appalachian Ohio town, the idea of a professional artist was foreign to Alice Carpenter. But after a turn of events, the Columbus local is now a growing artist. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Megan Leigh Barnard

Lauren Cart best was diagnosed with Type 2 bipolar disorder when she was 22, but instead of letting the condition define her, she used it to create art. Learn about her colorful murals and how she gets inspiration. Read more

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Jon Cook, the now-retired executive art director of the McConnell Arts Center, and Mary Gray, retired director of Ohio Arts Council's Riffe Gallery, have made an immeasurable impression on the Columbus art scenes. Learn about their impact. Read more

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John Nixon John Nixon Photography

See if you and your friends were spotted at the CityScene Magazine 20th Anniversary Celebration at Jeff Ruby's Steakhouse on Jan. 24 Read more

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Photos courtesy Tony Mendoza

Born in Havana, Tony Mendoza came to Columbus in 1987. His journey to C-bus wasn't immediate though, from Yale to Harvard and architecture to photos. Learn about his life and how he's now beautifully capturing flowers. Read more

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Double the Talent: Pursuing story writing or stage acting is challenging. Accomplishing both simultaneously is even more difficult Read more

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Photo courtesy of Clif Bar & Company

Hit the Ground Running: For a self-described recreational runner, Clintonville resident George Roulett has experience that borders on professional Read more

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Photo by Katie Ellington

Act Casual: Gastropubs and laid-back bars are the calling card of local restaurateur Brian Swanson Read more

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Stroll in New Albany by Wray Clifford

The Anatomy of Art: As an artist, painter Wray Clifford is best known for her landscapes, which she describes as leaning “toward the impressionistic side of realism.” Read more

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Photo by Jeffrey S. Hall Photography

Running the Show: Columbus has seen some major changes in the last few years, and GCAC President and CEO Tom Katzenmeyer has been with the city for it all Read more

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Maddie Spielman Headshot.jpg

Photo courtesy of Maddie Spielman

The Next Generation: Being the child of central Ohio’s most recognizable figure in the fight against breast cancer was bound to bring about high expectations. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Kay Cubberly Photography

KOing Cancer: When Brandon Nasby started raising money as a teenager participating in his mother's bike-a-thon, he did not know the experience would inspire a lifetime of contributions. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Capital University

Composing the Community: James Swearingen may be a year past retirement from his post as chairman of music education at Capital University, but he doesn’t seem interested in taking it easy. Read more

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Photo courtesy of Chaz O'Neil

Space Odyssey: It was a young boy’s fascination with animated cartoons, comic books and super heroes that first captivated Chaz O’Neil and drew his attention to art. Read more

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