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Tea expert offers insight on how one cup can go a long way. Read more



Pete Sterk

Just Pies' Pete Sterk gives us his favorite recipe Read more


Make these fun and easy recipes with ingredients you can find right at the market. Read more



Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce

The Taste of Westerville offers a unique experience for the business community and public alike. Read more


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The Westerville Chamber hosts its annual Taste of Westerville on May 2. Guests will be able to sample food from different vendors, vote for their favorite dishes and enjoy craft beers and wines from local breweries. Read more


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Heather Marlin

The Great Westerville Food Truck Fest is impacting the community; and even though the 2018 event was "canceled" because of the weather, it wasn't canceled entirely. Read more and learn an amazing recipe perfect to spice up any meal. Read more


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Megan Ada, the owner of this local restaurant, plans on opening another restaurant and the theme is personal. Learn more about her new endeavor, where it will be located and learn the Asterisk Strawberry Jam recipe. Read more


Francene Harris, owner of SophisticakeIT bakery, has always loved shoes and has always loved baking. It wasn’t until adulthood that she would combine the two in a professional format. Read about her passion and how she's making baked goods stylish. Read more



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Drink ’til It’s Dry: In the late 1800s, townspeople opposed the sale and consumption of alcohol so much that the businesses were actually destroyed using gunpowder, thus sparking the Westerville Whiskey War Read more


After opening a new restaurant location in Polaris and taking home an award at Taste of Westerville, Sweet Carrot CEO Angela Petro is excited to build a relationship with the community through business initiatives. And learn a delicious recipe. Read more



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Until late 2006, Westerville was known as the “dry capital of the world.” In the 12 years since Westerville went wet, new craft beer and spirits have been booming. Read more


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Hear the story of Candy Canzoneri, a professor of English at Otterbein University, and her love for nature and dogs. Plus, check out an easy homemade recipe for peanut butter mini dog bones. Read more


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Big Fat Deal: First impressions are sweet for Westerville baker Amy Whalen. Read more



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Westervillian Bandstand: Though community bands in Westerville have almost 150 years of history, and the current iteration has been in existence since 1989, one of its most popular traditions is relatively new. Read more


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The Environment-Minded Professor: Given his position as an assistant professor of education at Otterbein University, it should be no surprise that Paul Wendel is big on teaching by example. Read more



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Where There’s a Chill, There’s a Way: They won’t be able to enjoy the long list of food samples from area restaurants, but fans of the Chilly Open who can’t attend this year will still be able to watch the proceedings. Read more



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STEAM Spirit: Erin Bender manages Otterbein’s STEAM Innovation Center and a family farm Read more


The Ohio State Fair Homebrew Competition celebrated turning 21 the traditional way: with lots of beer Read more


Peak Freshness: Westerville’s newest grocery store is a winner Read more