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Get weird with Weird Music to kickstart your Halloween Read more

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Columbus, though abundant with educational and cultural art experiences, isn’t the only Midwestern city to engage art lovers. There are countless exciting exhibitions to check out in the Midwest. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

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Local Ohio groups to take over Skully's Music-Diner this weekend Read more

On Stage

Students benefiting from the knowledge of Dr. Chad Garven are learning from someone who, for a long time, didn’t want to go into medicine – and, now that he’s practicing it, can speak in-depth on the appeal and importance of helping people. Read more

Everything Health

Clinical Compassion: For many, including Dr. Teresa Wurst, medicine is about giving back to the people in the community who need it the most. Read more

Everything Health

CityScene compiled a few itineraries for those who call Columbus home looking to explore new places and escape routine. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

Treatment-resistant prostate cancer has posed intimidating obstacles, but Dr. Nima Sharifi of the Cleveland Clinic has been engaged in a study to help overcome those obstacles. Sharifi shared with HealthScene Ohio some of his current research. Read more

Expert Insight

More than the Blues: Depression can manifest itself in many ways. Learn how you can tell whether a loved one is suffering. Read more

Expert Insight

Learn how cataract surgery was a success for a patient of Dr. James Schumer, founder and medical director of ReVision LASIK and Cataract Surgery throughout central Ohio. Read more

Everything Health

Ron Fisher's greatest fears became a reality in January 2016. Fisher, who has lived the majority of his life with sight in only one eye, woke up blind. Thankfully, Fairfield Medical Center quickly helped the situation. Read more

Everything Health

Managing, upkeeping and renting out your dream (second) home can be stressful. Learn some pro tips on how to keep that vacation property in tip-top shape. Read more


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What makes a community great? Friendly neighbors? Green space? One thing is for sure: there needs to be good schools Read more



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George Barrie Band just dropped a new music video for its recent single, "Maybe." Watch it HERE! CityScene also got an EXCLUSIVE interview with George Barrie and Amber Thompson of Ambear Media, the genius behind the creative music video. Read more

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In addition to being a teacher, Roxanne (Walker) Sams is the author of two young adult novels. Her urge to self-publish first came as a way to incentivize students in her classroom, and was inspired by travel and her childhood in the carnival. Read more

Discover Grove City

While staying in Dublin for a business trip, Greg Waina realized the everything the city has to offer. The two-week venture turned into a permanent residence, and it has changed the Waina's life positively. Read this heartwarming story, here. Read more

Dublin Life

Humans of Columbus

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Columbus natives organize a series of curated events that aim to facilitate connections and inspire collaboration between local creatives. Read more

The Scene

Did you know that more than 1.7 million people struggle with hunger in Ohio? Thankfully, Heart to Heart Food Pantry is making a difference and this year they're hosting the annual Hunger Hoedown fundraiser on Feb. 1. Learn more here. Read more


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Westerville-based Financial Providence Group got an upgrade and now includes several large-scale fish tanks throughout its office. Plus, the remodel was featured on a TV show. Read more


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Adults can have just as much fun at Disney with more exclusive and luxurious activities. Read more

Vacations Beyond Ohio

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According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, one in five children in our community is living with a mental illness. Hear a story about pediatric mental illness from a local mother, learn about near-by resources and more. Read more

Discover Grove City

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