Healthy New Albany September 2015

We’ve all been told to “get plenty of rest” when fighting a common cold or flu, but what do you do when you suffer from common conditions such as anxiety or depression? Read more


Holly Jedlicka grew up with horses – an opportunity that, she says, made her feel incredibly blessed. A licensed social worker, Jedlicka was eager to share her love of horses with those who could benefit from the animals on another level. Read more


Whole grain oatmeal, and whole grains in general, have been shown to be healthful in many aspects. Oatmeal has a high level of fiber, which promotes and assists regulation and a healthy digestive system. Read more


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Author Mariel Hemingway shares her wellness habits. Read more

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Bonnie Burman made a vow when she was 16, and the director of the Ohio Department of Aging and New Albany resident has been working toward it ever since. Read more

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Healthy New Albany Magazine talked to New Albany-based counselor Jonathan Miller to learn more about anxiety. Read more



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This is my story of becoming a brain cancer survivor. Read more

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“Where’s the Line?” is a first-of-its-kind public education campaign with the goal of encouraging dialogue and targeting a demographic so many comparable campaigns miss: bystanders. Read more

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When participants in the annual Strides for Sobriety 5K lace up their sneakers, they do so with the next generation’s well-being in mind. Read more

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Check out our suggestions for health and wellness items. Read more

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Eleven years ago, the New Albany Walking Classic became a reality. It was with the idea that this event would not only challenge one’s physical ability but that it would be the inspiration for the creation of the Center. Read more

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For years, Mariel Hemingway looked to outside sources to clear the fog of doubt and fear that she felt from growing up in a family that suffered from mental health issues and communication dysfunction. Read more

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For people with Seasonal Affective Disorder, cold, cloudy weather can cause symptoms of depression, which can affect not only personal happiness, but relationships with loved ones and work productivity. Read more


It seems counterintuitive to think that property tax abatements are responsible for creating more than $47 million in new revenues to our schools. After all, aren’t abatements tax giveaways? Well, yes and no. Read more

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The reaction we have to color is affected by factors such as age, gender, culture, personal experiences and associations, as well as climate and region. Read more



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Don’t be deceived by the nationally renowned bands, open bar or free food: This is actually a charity event. Read more

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While many New Albany residents annually attend the New Albany Classic Invitational Grand Prix and the New Albany Walking Classic, the participation extends statewide, countrywide and even internationally. Read more

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The New Albany Classic Grand Prix & Family Day and the New Albany Walking Classic pay big dividends for local businesses. Read more

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Halloween is all about being spooky, but for parents, the amount of junk food involved can be the most bone-chilling part. Read more


Dr. Howard Jacobs, attending headache specialist and hospitalist at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, answers Healthy New Albany’s questions on managing headaches. Read more

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