Healthy New Albany March 2018

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What's happening in and out of New Albany during March and April of 2018 more

Healthy New Albany

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Defining My New Normal: “You are what you are,” they say, but I am here to tell you that is simply not true. more

Healthy New Albany

Priscilla Knaus, Linda Romanoff and Padmini Ekbote at the Lady Tutu 5K in 2017

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Beyond the Path: On and off the walking trails, New Albany Walking Club members are involved in the community more

Healthy New Albany

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#RunLiketheWindle: Drew Windle might not live in New Albany anymore, but New Albany will always be home more

Healthy New Albany

Race through the Nation: Central Ohio is rife with fantastic races and fitness events. more

Healthy New Albany

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New Albany hosts a plethora of events with visitors from around the world; what makes it such a great place for visitors? more

Healthy New Albany

See the Difference: The National Health Observances for March and April are Save Your Vision Month and Workplace Eye Wellness Month respectively more

Healthy New Albany

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Finding the Right Fit: For Chloe Ray, learning didn't come as easy until she found the right school more

Healthy New Albany


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Conversations with Impact: The Jefferson Series was created to continue this energy and desire to listen as well as learn. more

Healthy New Albany


Dr. Berend

Hips, Shoulders, Knees and Tips: What are the types of arthritis? What can we do to alleviate the pain? more

Healthy New Albany


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Taking Taste to Go: Food trucks are all over New Albany. How can you indulge without derailing the diet? more

Healthy New Albany

Healthy New Albany Magazine highlights all the best new health-related tech gadgets and gear more

Healthy New Albany


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Scene at the Dr. Keith Berend talk, Chilly Chili Mile and 24-Hour Theatre at New Albany High School more

Healthy New Albany

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