Healthy New Albany January 2015

Community symphony concert to feature show-stopping dance numbers more

Healthy New Albany

There is a direct connection between our community leisure trails and our New Albany International Business Park. Since walking paths were identified as the No. 1 recreational need in the 1998 New Alb... more

Healthy New Albany

Dietary changes can aid in surgical recovery and some chronic illnesses more

Healthy New Albany

Sportiiii $149.99, With its universal glasses mount, the Sportiiii provides the performance feedback you need without distracting from your activity. Color LEDs and audible prompts help... more

Healthy New Albany


Photos courtesy of Dr. Amy Valasek

Personal and professional experience informs need to keep kids moving more

Healthy New Albany

What to consider before you simplify your living space more

Healthy New Albany

Lifelong learning keeps intellects sharp more

Healthy New Albany

Battling myths in fitness and nutrition more

Healthy New Albany

Good health is an attainable goal for active adults willing to work for it more

Healthy New Albany

New Albany employers pack their cafeterias with healthful options more

Healthy New Albany


Photos by Wes Kroninger

Fitness facility at Philip Heit Center is ready for action more

Healthy New Albany


Photos by Sarah Sole

Some dishes are decadent, but eating healthful Italian is an option for the cautious diner more



Photo courtesy of Michael Pollan

Food journalist gives his thoughts on modern culinary issues more


What to know about your health insurance as you approach retirement age more

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Photo courtesy of Dr. Christopher Kaeding

Preventing ever-more-common ACL injuries starts with understanding them more

Ask the Expert

Senior housing provides options for all levels of care more

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