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Ed Reeves spent his youth helping the police officer training Grove City's first police dogs – German shepherds. Little did he know that one day he’d be working with his very own German shepherd, and it would change his life. Read more

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Get the rundown on the annual Grove City Independence Day Celebration and EcoFest Read more

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Grove City Town Center Inc.

The 2019 Grove City Wine and Arts Festival is approaching. Learn about the upcoming event, from food vendors to hands-on activities and more. Read more

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When was the last time you visited a library? If the answer is more than a month ago, you might want to dust off your library card and visit the Grove City Library for access to its cool new resources. Learn more, here! Read more

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Photos courtesy of Nationwide Children's Hosptial

According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, one in five children in our community is living with a mental illness. Hear a story about pediatric mental illness from a local mother, learn about near-by resources and more. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Brent Clark Photos

What better way to learn about a community and its history than through the retelling of its own residents? Learn how Grove City is capture the past for the future. Read more

As Buddy Ball steps up to bat for its third year, it’s truly hitting this season out of the park with all of the progress and advancements the league has made. Read more

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