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From colorful splatters against the snowy course to getting a breath of icy fresh air, playing paintball in the winter is rather thrilling. Read more

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The Gold Star Families Memorial Monument is helping Grove City families of fallen soldiers to remember their loved ones. Read more

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Grove City hosts three events to celebrate the season in a grand way. From beer aficionados to history buffs and fine arts connoisseurs, Grove City has all bases covered. Read more

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From the history of the pool to insight from the kids at the Big Splash, learn about the local pool, perfect for these summer days. Read more

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Brittany Doherty

From Grove City to New York City and then crossing the country on her bike, Brittany Doherty has a powerful story. Learn about her adventure and her passion, Breaking Cycles Project. Read more

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The PGA tour Memorial Tournament is quite the event, and like most events it needs volunteers. Hear from Grove City residents who volunteer for this annual match, learn about how volunteering helps the community and find the link to sign-up! Read more

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Courtesy of Mount Carmel Health Systems

Grove City offers business owners and residents a pleasant community in which to live and work. Now, residents will have even more to love, with two new health care facilities. Read more

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Autumn is quickly approaching and with that comes festive events in Grove City. Check out three upcoming social affairs perfect for ringing in the crisp season. Read more

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Learn how local organization is helping dogs get back on their paws and educating the public on canine-related topics. Read more

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Photos courtesy of Grove City Parks and Recreation

If there’s one event that brings former residents back, it’s the Grove City High School Alumni Softball Tournament. Read more

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