CityScene Columbus September/October 2019

From Sept. 26-29, Jurassic Park Live Tour will light up the Schott. Get the inside scoop and hear from one of the performers. Read more

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Dennis Knight

A community the size of a small city is only growing. Learn the impressive statistics about this gorgeous area and some of its highlights. Read more

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Happy Birthday! From 20 years of CityScene Magazine to 140 years of CCAD, Columbus is celebrating many birthdays this year. Read more

Get inspired by this modern, sleek kitchen Read more

The latest installment in the Body Systems Series. Learn about the muscular system and how to keep it strong. Read more

Expert Insight

From Schmidt's to Cap City Fine Diner, learn about some of the best comfort food places in town and how they're the perfect spots for the turning season. Read more


Learn about the Mansfield rock band, Ohio Express - known for its popular No. 1 hit Yummy, Yummy, Yummy. Read more

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Learn about the 50-year history of CAPA, its year-long celebration, and what's to come. Read more

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Student debt. Job hunting. High tuition. College in the 21st century has changed but some say it still pays to go to college, hear us out. Read more


Within 30 years, the average annual income rose 67 percent while the cost of an undergraduate degree at a public university has risen 213 percent, and that’s accounting for inflation. What does the future hold? Read more


The Ohio Track Girls Team recently celebrated 60 years. Learn about their couch, heartwarming stories and how they became successful on and off the track. Read more

Everything Health

From art classes to music lessons, continuing education doesn't equal high education. Learn about some local artistic options on how to improve your skills and interest. Read more


Locally-based Battelle and NASA are partnering up. Learn how to get involved and volunteer as a judge for the next Mars 2020 naming. Read more



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Forget pumpkin spice, s'mores are spicing things up at Lincoln Social. Get the scoop on this delicious cocktail. Read more


Dark tourism is defined as traveling to places historically associated with death and tragedy. Scary? Yes. Worth it? Yes. Check out these close-to-home spooky places for your next long weekend. Read more

Ohio Adventures

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, learn about some local groups and how they're helping those affected by the condition. Read more

Everything Health

Local artist explains her work as the 2019 Columbus Open Studio and Stage event approaches, Sept. 14-15 from 11 a.m.-5 p.m. Read more

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CityScene highlights central Ohio gallery openings through August. Read more

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Check out this Ohio State Buckeye merch from the Dublin-based store, Alma Mater. Read more


CityScene spotlights what to watch, what to watch for and what not to miss! Read more

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