For many people, the concept of the Harlem Renaissance never extends past their high school English classes. Learn more at the new Columbus Museum of Art exhibit which aims to not only showcase the era, but celebrate it. Read more

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Columbus Open Studio and Stage is a two-day event where the Columbus creative community opens its studios and stage doors to the public in an effort to highlight the creative process. Read more

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The list is far too long to name every doughnut shop in central Ohio, and it seems new shops are popping up daily – not that we’re complaining. However, not all doughnuts are created equal. Learn about the many shops and what makes them unique. Read more


What once was a theme within science fiction writing, technological advancements in personalized medicine allow doctors the ability to deconstruct a patient at the genetic level to formulate a patient-specific therapy. Read more about this tech. Read more

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The 2018 NARI fall home improvement event is a drivable tour of 11 newly remodeled homes in the Columbus area. Learn more about the upcoming event and get a sneak-peak. Read more

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Conceived as a non-profit theatrical performance company with a big mission, one local production company aims to bring audiences of all ages transformative joy through the art of improvisation, comedic performance and innovative storytelling. Read more

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Not long ago, technology in the classroom was frowned upon. Today, that view has changed dramatically, with a 900 percent increase in its utilization since the year 2000. Learn more about this growing industry. Read more



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At The Ohio State University, the 2018 freshmen will experience an enhanced eLearning experience thanks to a partnership with Apple. Learn how and why each first-year student will receive and iPad Pro. Read more


Do you want to take an open online class at the college level? Then taking a Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC, is a popular choice. Learn more about this program and how it could change your future. Read more


Students use technology in their daily lives, so why not at school? The Office of Educational Technology has nationwide plans to have children learning with technology. Learn more about this implementation. Read more


Former NFL and OSU football teammates now work together to encourage young people to stay driven through an outreach program. Read more


Even though we’re all familiar with traditional learning styles such as visual, auditory, verbal and physical, newer learning styles have been identified in the past decade. Learn how to learn in new ways. Read more


Read how the upcoming 2018 Parade of Homes is returning to this quaint, green village in central Ohio. Read more

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The 2018 event dawns on Labor Day weekend, Saturday, Sept. 1 at Eversole Run in Union County. Seven homes will highlight this year’s tour, with home prices in the $750,000-$2 million range. Learn more about the event. Read more

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Check out some home trends from the 2018 Parade of Homes Read more

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You've Been Scene features Taste the Future Read more

You've Been Scene

Read about Columbus-based Mad Moon Craft Hard Cider, and learn how this craft cider can make a refreshing cocktail. Read more


Local artist and writer of CityScene's the Painter's Eye, Michael McEwan will be on exhibit at the Nemacolin Woodlands Resort in western Pennsylvania this fall. Learn more about this area and how it can make a relaxing destination. Read more

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When Nelly Toll went into hiding in Poland during World War II, her mother managed to supply the cramped room with watercolors to pass the time. Today, some of those childhood paintings are famous and a handful are coming to central Ohio. Read more

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Glass Axis offers hands-on glass making course and studio space for beginner and professional glass artists. And learn about an autumn-themed event hosted by the studio. Read more

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