CityScene Columbus January 2016

Alive and Licking

Photo courtesy of Explore Licking County

It’s natural to want to zip away to the beach during central Ohio winters. But if you’re longing to stay a bit closer to home this winter, or don’t want to invest the time and money on an intricate vacation, you don’t have to look much further... Read more

Ohio Adventures

A Bicycle Built for 2 (Million)

Photo courtesy of Pelotonia

Even in the cold of winter, residents in and around Columbus are sure to notice a lot more bodies on bikes than there were even a few years ago. There are any number of reasons for the uptick: an increase in advocacy groups... Read more

Arts + Entertainment

Natural Born Grillers

Photo courtesy of OSU Dining Services

Believe it or not, the grilled cheese sandwich is considered an ancient food. Today’s grilled cheese appears to be a purely American invention but, as it goes with most foods, we can’t take all the credit. Food historians can trace... Read more


Photos from the Nutcracker Ball

Photo by Kyle Meeks

Dec. 12, L Brands Photos by Kyle Meeks Read more

You've Been Scene

Building Out

Photo courtesy of Arnold Sports Festival

It has spread to five other continents, but the sports festival that started it all returns this spring. Held March 3-6 in locations throughout Columbus, the Arnold Sports Festival has grown considerably since its founding in 1975. Read more

Arts + Entertainment

A Breath of Plein Air

Feeding Ducks by Mark Gingerich

“The normal way of entering the gallery system,” says central Ohio-based painter Mark Gingerich, “is to take high-quality images of a large portfolio of work and present it to the gallery.” “I didn’t really know much about that,” says Gingerich. Read more

Local Profiles

The winners of Licking County's 2015 IMPACT Awards. Read more

Arts + Entertainment

Vote of No ‘Confidence’

Photo courtesy of Matthew Murphy

Columbus doesn’t have many hills of note, but later in January, they’re sure to be alive with the sound of… Well, you get the idea. Broadway Across America brings director Jack O’Brien’s new production of The Sound of Music to... Read more

Arts + Entertainment

Stress Busters

Photo by Scott Cunningham Photography

There is so much emphasis these days on stress management. No surprise there; managing stress has been linked to all types of physical and mental health benefits. Even the prevention of cancer has been linked to good stress management. Beware... Read more


Superior Exteriors

Photo courtesy of H Design Build

As a homeowner plans the appearance of a home – from a room under renovation to a new custom design – intense focus on the interior can take attention away from the exterior. But the exterior is an important consideration, too. The outside of... Read more


Don’t Get Burned

Photo courtesy of Scott Cunningham Photography

It’s 2 p.m. and you managed to dilly-dally an hour after lunch before returning to your office. You look at your Fitbit and wonder how the heck you are going to last for another three hours and make it to quitting time. Read more


Time Out

Photo courtesy of Columbus Recreation and Parks Department

With so many things pulling us in so many directions, how do we decide where to invest our time? Rather than letting the “shoulds” and “oughtas” dictate our schedules, discovering what we would enjoy doing helps us ascertain... Read more


The Painter's Eye: January/February 2016

Joseph Hirsch, Supper Museum Purchase, Derby Fund, from the Philip J. and Suzanne Schiller Collection of American Social Commentary Art 1930-1970

To celebrate the opening of the expanded Columbus Museum of Art, this year’s Painter’s Eye articles will focus solely on works drawn from the collection. Read more

The Painter's Eye

Get an exclusive look at the making of a Parade home in CityScene this year, as Bob Webb Homes takes you through the full process from Step One. Leading up to the BIA Parade of Homes at Verona in Powell, we’ll look at all the tough decisions that... Read more

Home Building

A Familiar Tune

Photo courtesy of TCG Entertainment

Two touring shows featuring the Columbus Symphony Orchestra this winter have had a reputation for attracting audience members of all ages. The Spy Who Loved Me, showing at the Ohio Theatre in January, has had diverse audiences ranging from... Read more

On Stage

Colors don’t become popular solely because of their look and usage. While these factors are definitely important, there is much more to it. Read more


Anyone who understands design knows that color can make all the difference in a room. The tricky part, then, is knowing which colors make sense. Read more


Dental Care, Facial Rejuvenation, Partial Knee Replacement and Skin Care Tips Read more


It’s the Little Things

Photo courtesy of Suzanne D. Lucas

No time for fitness? You can still be active with these easy ways to get off your butt and get moving. Read more


There’s not much evidence to suggest stress can outright cause cancer, but it can certainly exacerbate risks and symptoms. For one thing, some of the unhealthy ways of coping with stress... Read more