CityScene Columbus August 2017

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Breaking Design Barriers: While sacrificing style for safety is an easy choice for parents, now there’s no need to choose Read more



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The Starting Line: A preview of all the best upcoming performances in Columbus Read more

Arts + Entertainment


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Pro Grahams: It may seem strange that s’mores, those ooey-gooey summertime sweet treat staples, could suddenly be trendy, but a look at the menus around the Columbus dining scene tells the (campfire) story Read more



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Act Casual: Gastropubs and laid-back bars are the calling card of local restaurateur Brian Swanson Read more

Local Profiles

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One-night-only revival of Shadowbox's Beatles "rockumentary" to pack Columbus Commons Read more

On Stage


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Model Citizens: Augmented reality helps patrons connect with Somali role models in integration-focused exhibition Read more

On View

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Just Beneath the Surface: Changing personal style may be easy, but the challenge of restyling your home can be much more intimidating Read more


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What's behind (garage) door No. 1? Read more


Catch a Break: Selling a home is an infamously stressful experience, but figuring out what will make your home stand out in the crowd can make it easier Read more


Out with the Old: While it’s no secret that it’s in a home-seller’s best interest to clean his or her house before showing it to potential buyers, some important details are easy to overlook Read more



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Wood for You: With the constant evolution of interior decorating, it can be difficult to stay up to date on the latest looks Read more



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You've Been Scene


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"Walking is medicine for the body and spirit." Read more


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Walking Hand in Hand: Throughout its 13 years, the New Albany Walking Classic has seen enormous growth Read more



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Dealer's Choice: CityScene's own "Melbourne Mule" can be served one of three delicious ways Read more


`Pathfinding: The New Albany Walking Classic draws a huge crowd to New Albany in September, but New Albany is an appealing place to walk any time Read more


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Inspiration Lives on: Though she died in June, dedicated New Albany Walking Club member Gloria Lotz continues to inspire others Read more


Detour: Participants in this year’s New Albany Walking Classic will have the opportunity to do a little extracurricular walking over the weekend Read more


Do You Mind? Though the New Albany Walking Classic’s primary focus is on physical health, walking can have a positive effect on mental health, too Read more


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Three-Pronged Attack: Pelotonia attracts the most attention on and around the weekend of the massive bike ride, but it makes a difference all year long. Read more