Cameron Carr

How Peg Tobin, the founder of Tobin & Associates, is inspiring others to make a change. Read more


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Photos by Jeffrey S. Hall Photography

New Albany resident and Taekwondo Grandmaster, Joon P. Choi tells his story. From refugee camps to starting his own business and teaching kids the power of martial arts, Choi possesses many skills and embodies compassion. Read more

Healthy New Albany

Dr. Marcus R. Miller saw his career path take a dramatic turn in his first class of medical school - and it just clicked Read more

Everything Health


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The history of heart surgery is a history of development, dating way back to 1899 when the first procedure was ever proposed Read more

Everything Health

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Photos courtesy of Cameron Carr Meat Alternatives

Replacing processed and red meats with healthier proteins could reduce health risks Read more

Healthy New Albany

When Nelly Toll went into hiding in Poland during World War II, her mother managed to supply the cramped room with watercolors to pass the time. Today, some of those childhood paintings are famous and a handful are coming to central Ohio. Read more

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Photo courtesy of the Works

The Universe Comes to Newark: OSU Newark and the Works team up to open the SciDome planetarium Read more

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Photo courtesy of the Di Lorenzo family

Little Italy, Big Impact: “We’re not that healthy; we eat pasta and ice cream every day,” Daniela Di Lorenzo says Read more

Healthy New Albany

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Photo courtesy of Shadowbox Live

One-night-only revival of Shadowbox's Beatles "rockumentary" to pack Columbus Commons Read more

On Stage

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Eileen Pewitt has come a long way. This time last year, she was helping to run a food pantry out of a garage. Today, she’s running the same operation on a large scale out of a spare room in a New Albany school building. Read more

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There’s an adage about teaching old dogs new tricks, but what about the other way around? Read more



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Iconic Experience: Some personalities are just larger than life. Read more

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Walking to a Better Life: Dr. David Sabgir takes 20,000 steps a day Read more

Healthy New Albany


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Doctor of Many Names: “We have a saying around here: Leadership is a team sport,” says Dr. John Barnard. Read more

Healthy New Albany


Orthopedic ONE Spirit Sprint. Photo by Micheal R. Wass

Born to Run: If you’re looking for an inspiration to get off the couch, benefit runs might be just the thing. Read more


Sounds Around Town: A small sampling of Columbus’ talented musical acts Read more

On Stage

Opera Columbus offers a modernized take on a classic Read more

On Stage

Mobile apps offer easy to use services and can travel with you anywhere. Read more



Photo by Hannah Bealer

“No, no, you finish. We’ll practice on the other side of the stage and be very quiet.” Doug Brandt recalls iconic dancer Mikhail Baryshnikov saying that to him just before a 2003 performance at the Riffe Center. Most people won’t get to... Read more

Local Profiles

How Dublin neighborhoods get their names Read more

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