Ann Poirier

When 76-year-old Pike County resident Lewis Robinson visited Adena Regional Medical Center in June 2016, he overheard a nurse talking about the health system’s free lung cancer screening program. Read more

Everything Health

Bhoomi Manjunatha was born with cerebral palsy and in November 2016, she underwent a rare, life-changing surgery in an attempt to decrease her pain, increase her range of movement and ultimately help her walk. Read more

Everything Health

When 17-year-old Bella Roberts was in second grade, her teacher read a book about constellations to the class. She remembers that day well. It was the day that sparked her fascination with space. Read more

Dublin Life

Today, cruises have become themed, which is a way to bring people with similar interests together. And one of the more popular themes, as it turns out, is cruises that focus on health and fitness. Read more

Healthy New Albany

A Three-Decade Tour: Inaugural chairman Ron Clowson was an integral part of creating WesterFlora Read more



Photo courtesy of MMELO

Milk Chocolate Michelangelos: Research says that 90 percent of people like chocolate, it’s the favorite flavor of most Americans and half the population says they can’t live without having chocolate every day. Read more



Uptown Scrooge. Photo courtesy of Kristie Koehler Vuocolo

Acting Up: Three years ago, Kristie Koehler Vuocolo moved home to Westerville after spending 20 years in Chicago. Read more



Photo courtesy of Otterbein University

Masters of Mat Mechanics: In November 2016, Otterbein University’s varsity wrestling team competed for the first time since the program was cut in 1974. Read more