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Garrett Martin

Explore Licking County 2019 Travel Magazine

Explore the beautiful Licking County community through the lens of its own vibrant residents

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Traveling is already stressful enough - stay healthy and keep your suitcase light with these tiny, travel-sized products! Read more

Travel Guide

Learn about all things Sunbury Big Walnut in the 2019-2020 Sunbury Big Walnut Area Chamber of Commerce Membership Directory & Community Guide Read more

Travel Guide


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Someone you know tying the knot at an international destination? Learn some pro tips on where to go and what to see during an international wedding ceremony. Read more

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Have you ever gotten sick while on vacation? There are threats of disease when traveling to a foreign destination, but the more common threat of a cold, respiratory infection or even strep throat is often overlooked. Learn how to make a plan. Read more

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Airbnb by the Numbers: At this point, it’s safe to say that everyone with access to the internet knows, or has at least heard of, the vacation rental service Airbnb Read more

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Mill Creek South

Venture to the Valley: Just 10 miles west of the Pennsylvania state line – halfway between New York City and Chicago – is a place bursting with life, good music, great food and adventure Read more

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Explore the beautiful Licking County community through the lens of its own vibrant residents Read more

Travel Guide


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Incredible Journeys: There’s not a person alive who, having perused a copy of National Geographic, hasn’t been gripped by a desire, if only for a moment, to visit one of the exotic locales depicted therein. Read more

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The Lay of The Land: Only a two-hour drive from Columbus, Cleveland makes for the perfect weekend destination or spontaneous day trip. Read more

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