Westerville July 2015

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Field of Dreams

Photo courtesy of Sarah Glassburn

Every year, Sarah Glassburn and her daughter Juliana, 4, celebrate Memorial Day in the same way. They’ve been going to Westerville’s Field of Heroes event since 2012, when Glassburn accidentally stumbled upon the beautiful display of 3,000 flags... more

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More than a Little Bit Country

Photo courtesy of Brent Brown Photography

A long and sometimes bumpy road has been the course of McGuffey Lane, but after more than 40 years, the Ohio country-rock band keeps on trucking. The band continues to play shows regularly, including... more

The Scene

4th OF JULY “LOVE COUNTRY, LOVE WESTERVILLE” The Rotary Club of Westerville presents “Love Country, Love Westerville” as the theme of the 2015 Independence Day Celebration on July 4. This year, our friends at Rotary have planned... more


Little Artists, Big Impact

Photo courtesy of Westerville Area Chamber of Commerce

This year, hundreds of young, fresh faces take on the challenge of presenting new, fresh art to thousands of strangers. They present their hard work, creativity and imagination at the youth art exhibit at the 42nd annual Westerville Area Chamber of more


Home Is Where the Heart Is

Photo courtesy of Mary Jane Hitt

Mary Jane Hitt and her husband, Bill, live at 15 W. Plum St. and will open their doors to visitors as part of this year’s Tapestry of a Town. The Hitts have owned their prairie-style bungalow home, which was built in 1924, for about two years... more


For many children, going back to school brings more challenges than just getting used to waking up early or trying to remember math they learned last year. Some families struggle to afford the school supplies needed each year... more


Sweet Tacoin' Man

Photo courtesy of Yabo's Tacos

For someone who used to enter major, national-level gourmet cooking competitions, taking home an award for tacos is an unusual experience. But Scott Boles – owner of Yabo’s Tacos, which opened its original location in Westerville in June 2011... more


Recommended Reads from Susan Carr, Youth Services librarian, and Megan Chrusciel, Adult Services librarian more


Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

Photo by Wes Kroninger

During a drive to a grocery store, where a 16-year old Nick Rees would begin his first job bagging groceries, his father gave him a piece of advice Rees would carry with him for the rest of his career... more

Local Profiles

​Each month, a utility bill arrives in your mailbox without much fanfare. Yet there’s a team behind the process ensuring a smooth, accurate billing cycle each month for utility services. Meet its leader, Caryn Dachner. more


Maria Tiberi’s legacy is now known as “Maria’s Message,” a community initiative supported by WBNS 10TV that is focused on building awareness about the dangers and consequences of distracted driving. more


To help protect yourself, there are dozens of tips and strategies you can find from reputable sources online (Social Security Administration, law enforcement agencies). Some common tips and reminders are listed here. more


Disney's Aladdin in Columbus

Oct. 24-Nov. 4 at the Ohio Theatre

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