While art is Melissa Vogley Woods’ first love, activism might be a close second. more


Gough_Going South.jpg

Alan Gough, Going South

Generations of Inspiration: For most people, a lifetime of making a living as an artist doesn’t seem like a viable option more

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Stephen Takacs

Stephen Takacs, a modern-day photographer with a penchant for the techniques of the past. He’s cultivated a diverse portfolio, despite his preoccupation with antiquated crafts, he envisions a future filled with possibility for himself and his art. more

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Yasue Sakaoka

Know When to Fold ‘em: Origami is an art form most commonly associated with Japan, but Yasue Sakaoka, one of central Ohio’s most prominent origami artists, didn’t start working in it professionally until well after she moved to the U.S. more

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Photo by Jeffrey S. Hall Photography

Richard Duarte Brown is soft-spoken and friendly, and one can’t help but feel comfortable with him. more

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Stroll in New Albany by Wray Clifford

The Anatomy of Art: As an artist, painter Wray Clifford is best known for her landscapes, which she describes as leaning “toward the impressionistic side of realism.” more

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2005 Columbus, Ohio Calendar

Larry Hamill

For professional photographer Larry Hamill, 67, seeing the world around him is an inspiration in itself. more

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WWY 2017-0088.jpg

Courtesy of Wil Wong Yee

Human Nature: I met Wil Wong Yee on the top of a seven-story parking garage Downtown. more

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Melinda Rosenberg. Photo by Chris Casella

It doesn’t take much to inspire Worthington-area wood artist Melinda Rosenberg. more

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Name That Toon: What’s the key to a successful art career that has spanned over 50 years? Per Columbus cartoonist Paul Palnik, it’s living in the present more

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Second Sight: Even after vision loss, local artist Adam Kolp didn't give up painting more

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Shedding Light on Ohio: Veteran local artist Michael McEwan celebrates 30 years with Keny Galleries more

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Material Girl: A multitude of media meld in Morgan’s makings more


From Shrub to Brush: Topiary Park sculptor James Mason starts to explore the world of painting more


A Breath of Plein Air

Feeding Ducks by Mark Gingerich

“The normal way of entering the gallery system,” says central Ohio-based painter Mark Gingerich, “is to take high-quality images of a large portfolio of work and present it to the gallery.” “I didn’t really know much about that,” says Gingerich. more

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Sidetracked from Abstract

"On the Run" by Eric Barth

There wasn’t a specific moment that helped Eric Barth realize he wanted to be an artist. In fact, he doesn’t think he had much of a say in the matter. “I don’t think anyone really wants to be an artist,” says Barth. “It’s not a choice.” The... more

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Glowing with Pride

Rife's Market by Amanda Hope Cook

When Nashville native Amanda Hope Cook brought her artistic talent to Columbus, she began simultaneously preserving and elevating a declining art: landmark urban signs. Cook’s art demonstrates how lettering, lighting and bold color can portray an... more

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Moving Pictures

"Knotted Gnaw" by Andrea Myers

Hammond Harkins Galleries, which often displays Pamela Workman’s art, will soon leave its home of 18 years. The gallery has been located in Bexley since its opening in 1997. In September, it will relocate to a new space in the Short North. more


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