Snug Harbor

Minds Behind the Water

Photo by Scott Cunningham

A couple decades ago, you likely wouldn’t have guessed that a police officer and a periodontist would play substantial roles in the further development of Buckeye Lake. But today, Pete Coratola and Dr. Ron Garvey are two of the major players... more

Home Building

Plans for the revitalization of Buckeye Lake center on the replacement of its dam, but a hugely important component of those plans is the ongoing dredging project. That project will deepen the lake at key points while widening channels... more

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It's All About the Water

Photo by Scott Cunningham

Though the community was dealt a serious blow when problems with its dam were brought to light earlier this year, Buckeye Lake is now looking toward a bright future... more

Home Building

Disney's Aladdin in Columbus

Oct. 24-Nov. 4 at the Ohio Theatre

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