On the Path

Local brings the Miracle League to New Albany, and with big plans in tow. more

Healthy New Albany

Priscilla Knaus, Linda Romanoff and Padmini Ekbote at the Lady Tutu 5K in 2017

Photo courtesy of Linda Romanoff

Beyond the Path: On and off the walking trails, New Albany Walking Club members are involved in the community more

Healthy New Albany


Photo courtesy of Sam Malik, Malik Media LLC

Innovate New Albany continues to provide space to small tech-oriented businesses and other service-providing companies in hopes of boosting not only the New Albany community, but the Ohio economy. more


Photo courtesy of the Di Lorenzo family

Little Italy, Big Impact: “We’re not that healthy; we eat pasta and ice cream every day,” Daniela Di Lorenzo says more

Healthy New Albany

Bill and JoAnne Pelotonia 2014 Finish.jpg

Photo courtesy of Bill Barrett

Since its founding in fall 2012, the New Albany Cycling Club has become a vital part of New Albany. more

Healthy New Albany

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Fred Dott © Fred Dott / Greenpeace

Creating a Buzz: The New Albany Community Garden has teamed up with a local beekeeper to benefit the environment more

Healthy New Albany

Main Office.jpg

Photo courtesy of Marburn Academy

New Kid in School: Every morning at 1860 Walden Dr., Marburn Academy’s halls filled with the sounds of 236 students, ranging from grades two through 12 more

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Changing Corporate Lives: Worksite wellness program is changing workplace cultures more

Healthy New Albany

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Symphony Con Calma: The New Albany Symphony Orchestra is redefining what it means to go to the symphony more

Healthy New Albany

Dancing Machine: New Albany Ballet Company’s new facility accommodates even more developing dancers more

Healthy New Albany

Back in the Saddle: Horseback riding offers mental and physical health benefits for all ages more

Healthy New Albany

From Popcorn to Protein Bars, New Albany is changing concessions to include healthful options more

Healthy New Albany

This season, when the New Albany High School boys ice hockey team takes the ice, it does so as a fully sanctioned varsity program. more

Healthy New Albany

Some of the produce from this year’s New Albany Community Garden will go to those in need, thanks to partnerships between the garden, the Village Coalition Against Hunger and New Albany-Plain Local Schools. more

Healthy New Albany


Photo by Wes Kroninger

Ballet provides major boosts to fitness, body awareness and more more

Healthy New Albany


Photos courtesy of New Albany-Plain Local Schools

New Albany-Plain Local Schools combats issues with fitting in, growing up more

Healthy New Albany


Photos courtesy of the Friendship Circle

The Friendship Circle brings helpers into the lives of children with special needs more

Healthy New Albany

New Albany employers pack their cafeterias with healthful options more

Healthy New Albany

Annual Thanksgiving running tradition picks up speed and sense of charity more

Healthy New Albany

Disney's Aladdin in Columbus

Oct. 24-Nov. 4 at the Ohio Theatre

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