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Milk Chocolate Michelangelos

Columbus confectioners who treat their crafts like art




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Here in Columbus, brunch retains tremendous popularity, and continues to grow as an option across the restaurant scene. There is hardly a part of town without a spot to stop on a late weekend morning. more

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Sushi Strife: All over Columbus, more and more sushi restaurants are popping up. What makes each roll unique? more

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Kanpai! Columbus boasts some great sushi restaurants more

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Multicultural Munchies: Christmas cookies may be top of mind this time of year, but there’s a whole other world – literally – of pastry possibilities out there. more

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Big Macs: Macarons are a treat for the eyes and the stomach, and shops around Columbus meet the demand more

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Pop(sicle) Stars: Paletas – massive Mexican popsicles – make their mark in Columbus more

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Off the Eaten Path: Columbus restaurants bring food and drink to customers from myriad origins more

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Whole ’lato Love: More space means new flavors and gelato cups for Velvet more

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Capitalizing on Candy The Reese’s Pieces pancakes came purely by chance to the menu at Easy Street Café in German Village, when owner George Stefanidis received a bulk shipment of the candy by mistake about 14 years ago. “I’m a big fan of peanut butter and chocolate,” says Stefanidis. It was perfect timing for experimentation, since the café had recently added a brunch menu. Stefanidis added the Reese’s Pieces to some pancakes, and a popular dish was born. The candies are baked into a buttermilk pancake and topped with maple syrup. And out of five pancakes on the menu, Reese’s Pieces is No. 1 in popularity, Stefanidis says. -Sarah Sole

Breakfast Brawl: Pancakes, Waffles and Crepes more

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Michelle Kozak learned how to bake bread in seventh grade, but it was sweets she was drawn to the most. more

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